Custom Orthotics

Upgrade your clinic with custom orthotics, crafted using advanced biomechanical analysis and 3D scanning technology.
• Elevate patient care with tailored orthotic solutions
• Stand out from competitors with cutting-edge technology
• Attract new clients seeking personalized care
• Foster loyalty among existing patients
• Boost profits by expanding your services
Visit our working clinic in Nottingham for a demonstration 
of the equipment, or ask for a virtual tour. 

Elevate Patient Care with Custom Orthotics Created With the FreeMed Gait Platform

The freemed gait platforms provide cutting-edge technology in a simple to use platfrom. Designed for clinics and practitioners to be able to deliver easy to understand results to their clients - improving efficacy and patient outcomes. Freemed and freestep, our propriatory software solution, is the ultimate combination to empower clinics and create bespoke orthotic solutions for patients.
axisage biomechanics gait analysis

The Perfect Fit: Crafting Superior Custom Orthotics

The FreeMed Gait Platform harnesses the power of biomechanical analysis technology to create custom orthotics with unmatched precision. 

By assessing each patient's gait and identifying pressure points, alignment challenges, and support requirements, we provide you with the tools to craft orthotics that deliver unparalleled comfort and performance.

Stand Out & Prosper with Bespoke Orthotic Solutions

Offering custom orthotics made with the FreeMed Gait Platform will set your practice apart from the competition. 

Providing individualized, precision-crafted orthotics, you'll attract new clients, retain existing patients, and boost your profits by up to £3,000 per month. Embrace the potential of custom orthotics and watch your business thrive.

Precision Crafted - Patient Focused

Our Range Of Custom Orthotic Solutions Ensures That Your Clinic Can Provide A Wide Range of Besoke Options To Encompass all Patient Needs.

Medical Orthotics

Perfect For Sufferers of Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, bunions, Diabetes & more. These SuperSoft Orthotics Are In Demand.


Our Everyday Solution Provides All Day Comfort - Ideal To Slip Into Work Or Comfortable Shoes. Your Patients Will Thanks You!

Sports Orthotics

 Deliver Orthotics For Your Elite and Aspiring Clients. Choose from EVA foam, composite or Light & Strong Carbon Fibre composite

UK Made

Our UK-Based Lab Can Craft Your Custom Orthotics Order And Have It Delivered To Your Clinic Within 10 Days - Perfect for Patient Delight


Detect foot and gait problems.


use the software to design corrective treatment programmes.


prescribe custom orthotics within the same software and send to the UK lab for swift production.


simple reassessments to plot treatment progress, educate and design the next stage of care. 


show your patients their biomechanical distortions. Easily Increase care conversions and referrals.

Repeat business

earn £3,000 per month with ease - some of our clinics are earning that per week from Orthotics sales!

Make an extra £3000 per month

Prescribe custom orthotics

become your areas biomechanics expert

The FreeMed Gait Platform is designed to blend effortlessly into your existing workflow, making it easy to start offering custom orthotics right away. 

Our intuitive interface and comprehensive training materials ensure a smooth implementation, while our dedicated support team is always available to answer questions and offer guidance. 

Discover how custom orthotics can transform your practice today.
The average cost for custom orthotics in the UK is £400. even if you charge half of this, you would make £100 per pair, with most patients ordering two pairs.*
perform a 5-minute gait assessment
Provide patient details on simple form
select which type of orthotics you require: sports, medical, everyday usage
send the form and data file to the UK lab
receive your patient's custom order in just 10 days
* You are free to charge any fee for your orthotics. Discounts apply for volume orders.

Super Intuitive Software with instant reporting

Gait analysis platforms to suit every clinic

The Freemed platforms range from 40cm to 3m wide, so every clinic can provide orthotic solutions to their clients.


120 Or 180cm Long For Better Gait Analysis. Capture Multiple Footprints & Assess The Transfer Of Weight Between Feet
From £144*


40cm Or 60cm Wide - Great For Clinics Short On Space. Full Static And Dynamic Function. Often Paired With Our Spine 3D System
From £58*


2.4 or 3m long for a full gait lab. ideal for advanced sports clinics and universities
From £192*
* Finance examples are calculated with £500 deposit over 60 months excluding interest charges.
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