balance, freeMed, elderly care, falls, risk assessment


a brief overview of the findings from the document while we work on a full translation:

  1. Freemed: The study utilised the FreeMed software to manage and analyse the data collected. This software was used to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the data, which was crucial for the study's outcomes.
  2. Spine 3D: The Spine 3D imaging system was employed to capture the 3D images of the spine. The study found that there was a significant improvement in the spine's curvature and alignment in the group that underwent the intervention. This improvement was attributed to the exercises and therapies that were part of the intervention.

Sports injury, Athletes, Postural stability

Public health, Feet deformities, Balance, Postural stability, Children

Calisthenics Training

Posture Improvement

Strength Enhancement

Body Composition

Untrained Individuals

Training Intervention



Key words:

postural balance.

stroke rehabilitation.

vision disorders.



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