The Intersection of MSK and Gait Analysis: 

Harnessing the Power of the Freemed Platform

Today's most successful clinics are building upon the tradition knowledge with indepth digital insight.

The intersection of musculoskeletal (MSK) health and gait analysis represents a pivotal area of focus in healthcare. It brings together two interconnected elements of human movement and biomechanics, offering a detailed insight into how our bodies move and function. One of the central figures at this intersection is Sensor Medica's Freemed platform, a groundbreaking tool that's transforming our approach to MSK care.
The Freemed platform goes beyond traditional gait analysis systems, offering a comprehensive view of a patient's gait, including support surfaces, load distribution, podalic axes and angles, foot length, speed, gait line, and rockers. This analysis provides a clear depiction of walking patterns and foot pressure distribution, laying the groundwork for a deep understanding of an individual's gait biomechanics​.

This data-rich perspective can reveal potential underlying issues that may contribute to discomfort, pain, or musculoskeletal disorders. By identifying these issues, healthcare professionals can develop targeted treatment plans that directly address the root causes of a patient's problems. This is a significant shift from the one-size-fits-all approach, leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction​.

The Freemed platform's advanced materials and innovative design, including its 24k gold-coated pressure sensors, allow for high-resolution imaging and versatile pressure testing. These features ensure a precise, comprehensive analysis of the various aspects of a patient's gait. The platform can even detect subtle abnormalities that might otherwise go unnoticed, but can contribute significantly to musculoskeletal issues over time. This precise diagnostic ability empowers practitioners to implement targeted interventions that not only address current concerns but also work proactively to prevent future problems​.

In addition, the Freemed platform stands out for its ability to provide real-time, visual representations of a patient's gait patterns. This is achieved through video synchronization, which displays the pressure map in sync with video acquisition. These visuals serve as an invaluable tool in patient education and communication. They simplify complex biomechanical concepts, helping patients understand their condition and the rationale behind their treatment. This increased understanding can boost treatment compliance, leading to better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction​.

Another important feature of the Freemed platform is its ability to generate objective, quantifiable data that can be used to monitor patient progress over time. This feature allows healthcare professionals to track changes, evaluate the effectiveness of treatment plans, and make necessary adjustments. The platform can highlight whether a patient's progress is as expected, providing an opportunity to modify the treatment plan if needed. This adaptability ensures a personalized approach to treatment that evolves with the patient's needs, leading to improved outcomes​.

To conclude, the Sensor Medica's Freemed platform is a significant innovation in the world of musculoskeletal health and gait analysis. It represents a major stride forward in personalized patient care, harnessing the power of advanced technology and evidence-based practice. By offering detailed insights into gait biomechanics, facilitating targeted interventions, and encouraging patient compliance, the Freemed platform is shaping the future of MSK care.

Contact us to discover how the Freemed gait platfrom can boost your business by harnessing a deeper understanding of MSK and Gait analysis

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