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Unlocking the Power of Clinical Biomechanics Technology

As the UK Distributor for Sensor Medica, we proudly bring you the forefront of clinical biomechanics technology. Elevate your practice with the most advanced tools available, providing you with the insights needed to revolutionise patient care.

Explore Our Range of Innovative Solutions
Baropodometric Platforms for Comprehensive Gait Analysis

Our baropodometric and stabilometric platforms stand as a family of tools for the non-invasive assessment of functional biomechanics. Featuring state-of-the-art pressure sensors, this system enables static, dynamic, stabilometric, and videographic measurements, providing deep insights into patient movement patterns.

Gait Analysis & Orthotics Prescription Made Simple

Empower your practice with gait analysis and orthotics prescription from a single device. Effortlessly perform static and dynamic assessments of foot pressure and gait patterns. Take it a step further by sending orthotics prescriptions directly to the UK lab, yielding a minimum £100 profit per pair, all accomplished in just 5 minutes.

Discover More: Small Footprint, Remarkable Profits

Opt for a cost-effective solution with a compact footprint, ideal for space-conscious environments. Perform static and dynamic assessments with ease, while seamlessly sending orders to the UK lab for custom orthotics. Achieve £100 profit from a mere 5-minute assessment.

Elevate Your Gait Analysis Expertise

Explore platforms ranging from 40cm to 3m in length, providing a comprehensive gait analysis experience, including weight transfer assessment. For the ultimate movement analysis, integrate the MoveitGait system and gain unparalleled insights.

Revolutionising Spinal Assessment with 3D Imaging

Experience non-invasive, radiation-free spine imaging in just 5 seconds. Generate comprehensive reports encompassing postural distortions, x-ray overlays, and 3D reconstructions for curvature assessment.

Witness the Transformation: Visit Our Clinic

Embark on a journey of discovery at our working clinic in Nottingham. Experience our equipment firsthand through a demonstration, or request a virtual tour.

Functional Clinical Assessments: The MoveitGait Advantage

Experience wireless patient movement assessment with the MoveitGait system. Achieve a comprehensive range of motion analysis by attaching up to 16 sensors, offering a wireless freeform assessment of body movement and function. Evaluate joint motion, forces during ambulation, athletic performance, and even ergonomic assessments.

Connect with Us: Tailored Solutions Await

Engage with our sales and clinical team to tailor the ideal system for your practice or sports club.

You can contact us via this link, or via the WhatsApp icon on the right hand side where one of our team is ready to answer.

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Empower Your Practice with Advanced Biomechanics Technology from axisage
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Introducing Axisage: The UK's Exclusive Distributor of Sensor Medica Product
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