Understanding the 4 Stages of the Gait Cycle 

Explore the Role of the Sensor Medica FreeMed Platform
Gait analysis has always been a cornerstone in understanding human movement, with an increased focus on the speciality especially in the field of chiropractic care. 

The gait cycle, a systematic process that involves the movement of our feet while walking, is divided into four primary stages. For chiropractors exploring gait analysis and custom orthotics for their clinics, understanding these stages is crucial. In this article, we will delve deep into the 4 stages of the gait cycle and highlight how the Sensor Medica FreeMed platform can be an invaluable tool in observing and analyzing these stages.
1. Stance Phase
The stance phase is the period during which one foot remains in contact with the ground. It accounts for approximately 60% of the entire gait cycle. This phase can be further broken down into:

Loading Response: This begins when the foot makes initial contact with the ground. It's a critical phase as it involves weight transfer and knee flexion.
Midstance: Here, the body's center of gravity is directly over the moving foot. It's a transitional phase leading to the terminal stance.
Terminal Stance: This phase starts when the center of gravity is over the supporting foot and ends when the opposite foot contacts the ground.
Pre-Swing: This is the final segment of the stance phase, propelling the body forward into the swing phase.

2. Swing Phase
The swing phase, accounting for about 40% of the gait cycle, is the period when the foot is off the ground. It can be further divided into:

Initial Swing: This phase starts at toe-off and continues until maximum knee flexion occurs.
Midswing: This phase starts from maximum knee flexion until the tibia is vertical or perpendicular to the ground.
Terminal Swing: This phase begins where the tibia is vertical and ends at the initial contact of the foot with the ground.

3. Double Support Phase
This phase occurs when both feet are in contact with the ground simultaneously. It's a short but essential phase, ensuring stability during walking.

4. Single Support Phase
During this phase, only one foot is in contact with the ground, providing support to the entire body.

Sensor Medica FreeMed Platform: A Revolution in Gait Analysis
The Sensor Medica FreeMed platform is a state-of-the-art tool designed to provide comprehensive gait analysis. With its advanced technology, chiropractors can observe the intricate details of each phase of the gait cycle. The platform offers real-time data, allowing professionals to make informed decisions about custom orthotics and other therapeutic interventions.

Understanding the 4 stages of the gait cycle is fundamental for chiropractors looking to incorporate gait analysis and custom orthotics into their practice. With tools like the Sensor Medica FreeMed platform, observing and analyzing these stages becomes more accessible and accurate, ensuring the best care for patients.

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