Why 3D Spine Assessment is a Game-Changer for Chiropractic Practices

4 reasons why Sensor Medica's Spine 3D in your practice can revolutionise patient outcomes.

Chiropractic care has come a long way, and new technologies are transforming the way practitioners diagnose and treat their patients.

One of these breakthroughs is 3D spine assessment, an innovative approach to evaluating spinal health. This blog post explores why the Sensor Medica Spine 3D system is a game-changer for chiropractic practices.
Accurate Diagnosis

Traditional methods of assessing spinal alignment, such as X-rays or visual examinations, have limitations in terms of accuracy and scope. With the Sensor Medica Spine 3D system, practitioners can capture detailed and precise information about spinal alignment in all three planes: coronal, sagittal, and transverse. This level of accuracy allows for more effective treatment plans and better patient outcomes.

Non-Invasive and Radiation-Free

Unlike X-ray imaging, the Spine 3D system uses a non-invasive, radiation-free approach to assessing spinal health. This makes it a safer and more comfortable option for patients, especially those who require regular assessments.

Images from the Spine 3D can be overlaid with original X-rays to give clear indications for both practitioner and patient of treatment efficacy - this can lead to increased engagement from the patient as they see the process working with their eyes.

Improved Patient Education

The detailed reporting provided by the Spine 3D system enables practitioners to better educate their patients about their spinal health. With clear visuals and explanations, patients can better understand the nature of their condition and the treatment options available to them.

Radiation-free Digital Imaging

What do you think?

When deciding upon any new technology purchase or introduction into clinic it's vital to ensure that both patient and business needs are being met!

Spine 3D from Sensor Medica ticks all the boxes that clinicians and practice managers need to ensure a smooth integration and value for money.

And Axisage provide all training to ensure the best possible outcomes!
Accurate Diagnosis
Improved patient Engagement
Improved Patient Outcomes

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Why 3D Spine Assessment is a Game-Changer for Chiropractic Practices
Introducing Axisage
Why 3D Spine Assessment is a Game-Changer for Chiropractic Practices
Revolutionizing Practices with Spine 3D and Gait Platforms
Introducing Axisage: The UK's Exclusive Distributor of Sensor Medica Product
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