Time to Evolve: Why Bilateral Weight Scales Are No Match for Clinical Biomechanics in 2023"

Embracing Technology for the Future of Chiropractic Care

It's time to Leverage technology such as Sensor Medica Freemed to Enhance Accuracy and Reduce Variability

This blog post was inspired by the many conversations we have with chiropractors and healthcare professionals across the country.

A key message we receive from practitioners is "how do we  stay front of mind with potential customers - who know they can call on Chiropractors as a reliable healthcare resource?" 

As we navigate through 2023, it's astounding to witness that bilateral weight scales continue to hold a place in chiropractic clinics around the world. With the advent of superior technologies like the Sensor Medica Freemed, it's high time we question the rationale behind clinging to outdated practices. 

Especially when those practices can undermine the very credibilty that the profession deserves.

This blog post delves into the benefits of embracing advanced technologies, particularly the Sensor Medica Freemed, and the imperative need for the chiropractic industry to evolve.
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The world is advancing at a breakneck pace, and technology is leading the charge. Yet, in the chiropractic industry, we find ourselves debating the continued use of bilateral weight scales—an antiquated technology that hails from a bygone era. It's time we faced the facts: these scales are simply no match for the precision and sophistication of modern technologies like the Sensor Medica Freemed.

One major issue with bilateral weight scales is the high level of inter-observer and intra-test variability. This variability can lead to inconsistent and inaccurate measurements, hindering effective treatment plans. In contrast, the Sensor Medica Freemed minimises these issues through its advanced technological features.

Even if one uses the most accurate scales, they are still just that… fancy bathroom scales. Whilst patients understand what we are trying to show them the consultation process should be about building rapport and showing your clinic as a centre of excellence. We really don’t think that bilateral Weight scales have the gravitas to engage a patient in their care and make an informed decision.

The Sensor Medica Freemed utilises cutting-edge technology to offer unprecedented accuracy in measurements. With its ability to reduce inter-observer variability, practitioners can deliver consistent diagnoses, ensuring that treatment plans are based on the most precise data possible. Similarly, the reduced intra-test variability allows for reliable repeated measures, instilling confidence in both practitioners and patients alike.

But the advantages of the Sensor Medica Freemed extend far beyond these improvements. The Freemed brings to the table entirely new capabilities, transforming the way chiropractic care is delivered. One such capability is the static and dynamic testing of gait. Through state-of-the-art motion capture and analysis systems, the Freemed provides detailed insights into a patient's gait under various conditions. This invaluable information can help practitioners identify subtle abnormalities that might be missed by traditional examination methods, facilitating early intervention and more targeted treatment strategies.
In addition to gait analysis, the Freemed also offers baropodometric assessment. Baropodometry is the study of pressure distribution on the soles of the feet during standing and walking. By providing an accurate, detailed analysis of foot pressure, the Freemed allows practitioners to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions related to foot function and posture. This kind of granular data is impossible to achieve with bilateral weight scales, making the Freemed a game-changer in chiropractic care.

Moreover, the Freemed doesn't just stop at reducing variability and enhancing accuracy. It brings a whole new level of sophistication to chiropractic care, providing practitioners with detailed, granular data that simply cannot be achieved with traditional scales. By enabling a more comprehensive understanding of a patient's condition, the Freemed equips practitioners to deliver truly personalized and effective treatment plans.

The continued use of bilateral weight scales in 2023 is an absurdity that the chiropractic industry can no longer afford. The Sensor Medica Freemed and its advanced technology offer a compelling argument for moving beyond outdated practices. By embracing such innovation, we can significantly enhance accuracy, reduce variability, and ultimately provide a higher level of care to our patients.

Let's not allow tradition to stand in the way of progress. It's time to embrace the future of chiropractic care, and that future is undeniably intertwined with technological advancements like the Sensor Medica Freemed.

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