A Deep Dive into Gait Analysis:

Beyond the Basics

Gait analysis, a cornerstone of podiatric and physiotherapeutic practice, offers clinicians a window into the biomechanical symphony that is human movement. Yet, as technology advances, so does our depth of understanding. In this post, we'll delve beyond the rudimentary aspects of gait analysis, exploring the nuances and intricacies that modern platforms like FreeMed bring to the fore.

1. The Complex Layers of Gait Analysis:

Temporal and Spatial Parameters:
: These basic metrics include stride length, step width, and gait cycle duration.

Why: While foundational, they form the bedrock upon which more complex assessments are built. Anomalies here can often be precursors to deeper biomechanical issues.
Kinematics vs. Kinetics:
: Kinematics deals with the motion of the body without considering forces, focusing on aspects like joint angles. Kinetics, on the other hand, delves into the forces at play, such as ground reaction forces and muscle activations.
Why: Together, they paint a comprehensive picture of movement and the forces driving it. Discrepancies in kinetics often underline issues not apparent in surface-level kinematic assessments.

Synchronicity of Movement:
What: This refers to the harmonised action of joints, muscles, and ligaments throughout the gait cycle.
Why: Any disharmony, like a delayed muscle activation, can signify pathologies or potential areas of concern.

2. Modern Tools Amplifying Gait Analysis:

FreeMed's Baropodometric Prowess:
: As a static and dynamic baropodometric platform, FreeMed captures both stationary and moving foot pressures.
Why: This dual functionality enables clinicians to pinpoint precise areas of concern, from high-pressure zones in static assessment to abnormalities in dynamic foot roll-off.

Integration with FreeStep Software:
: Marrying hardware with intelligent software, FreeStep interprets data from FreeMed, offering detailed visualisations and insights.
Why: Such software integration ensures data is not just collected, but is also translated into actionable insights for the clinician.

3. The Ultimate Goal: Improved Patient Outcomes:

From Data to Intervention:
: Harnessing the detailed data from platforms like FreeMed allows for tailored interventions, from specific exercise regimens to custom orthotic prescriptions.
Why: Tailored solutions, informed by precise data, often yield faster and more effective patient recovery and comfort.

Monitoring & Iteration:
: Beyond initial assessments, modern gait analysis tools facilitate tracking over time.
Why: This iterative approach ensures that interventions remain effective, and any changes in a patient's biomechanics are swiftly identified and addressed.

As we embrace the next era of gait analysis, platforms like FreeMed are more than just tools; they're partners in ensuring optimal patient care. By understanding the depths of gait biomechanics and harnessing the power of technology, clinicians can pave the way for a future where movement is not just analysed but optimised.

Interested in witnessing the prowess of FreeMed in action? Contact Axisage today for an in-depth demonstration.

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